Ph.D. in CSD

Ph.D. in CSD Facilities

  • Multiple laboratories in communication sciences and disorders including :
    • Basic research on hair cell regeneration  
    • Voice and swallowing neurophysiology and neurorehabilitation
    • Speech fluency disorders
    • Electrophysiology of hearing
    • Basic psychoacoustics
    • Acquired Brain Injury Child and Adolescent Language
    • Infant Perception
    • Technology Applications in CSD (distance learning, telepractice)
    • Hearing Aid (signal processing and consumer benefits)
    • Language intervention for autism
  • JMU Speech-Language and Hearing Applied Laboratory providing diagnostic and therapeutic services for speech, language and hearing disorders
  • Joint Clinic between JMU & Rockingham Memorial Hospital (RMH) on Voice and Swallowing Imaging and Rehabilitation
  • JMU-RMH Collaborative Center for Clinical Research
  • Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services
  • Crossroads to Brain Injury Recovery