James Madison University

Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.)

Curriculum Overview

A complete listing of all core and elective courses is available in the official JMU Graduate Catalog.


The Director of Audiology advises all incoming students until a dissertation advisor is determined, after which all advising is completed by the dissertation advisor.  Although formal advising is scheduled periodically throughout the academic program, it is the student’s responsibility to seek advising as needed. 

It is the responsibility of the dissertation advisor to change the advisor status with the Graduate School at that time.  The Au.D. curriculum is a lock-step program that does not allow a great deal of flexibility or selection of electives. However, the student’s advisor will assist with individual needs and interests, discuss degree requirements and ASHA academic and clinical requirements, and help students to progress through the Au.D. program.

1st Year
Fall semester

CSD 510 Clinical Methods in Audiology I (1 cr)
CSD 511 Instrumentation in Audiology (3 cr)
CSD 512 Anatomy & Physiology I (3 cr)
CSD 514 Audiologic Assessment (3 cr)
CSD 523 Psychoacoustics (3 cr)

Spring semester

CSD 513 Anatomy & Physiology II (2 cr)
CSD 515 Human Communication & Aural Rehabilitation (3 cr)
CSD 525 Clinical Methods in Audiology II (1 cr)
CSD 551 Introduction to Hearing Aids (3 cr)
CSD 519 Audiology Clinical Practicum A (3 cr)


CSD 531 Industrial Audiology (2 cr)
CSD 711 Pediatric Audiology (3 cr)
CSD 539 Audiology Clinical Practicum B
CSD 600 Experimental Design in Audiology (3 cr)

2nd Year
Fall semester

CSD 611 Neurophysiologic Measure I (4 cr)
CSD 622 Advanced Hearing Aids (4 cr)
CSD 619 Audiology Clinical Practicum C (3 cr)
CSD 633 Auditory Pathophysiology (3 cr)

Spring semester

CSD 550 Tinnitus (2 cr)
CSD 620 Clinical Research in Audiology (3 cr)
CSD 621 Neurophysiologic Measures II (4 cr)
CSD 810 Professional Seminar-Evidence-based Practice(1 cr)
CSD 629 Audiology Clinical Practicum D (3 cr)


CSD 533 Business Applications in Audiology (3 cr)
CSD 920 Doctoral Dissertation (2 cr)
CSD 639 Audiology Rotation A (3 cr)

3rd Year
Fall semester

CSD 516 Vestibular Physiology and Testing (3 cr)
CSD 820 Professional Seminar-Evidence-based Practice (1 cr)
CSD 920 Doctoral Dissertation (2 cr)
CSD 719 Audiology Rotation B (3 cr)

Spring semester

CSD 710 Geriatric Audiology (1 cr)
CSD 731 Medical Audiology (2 cr)
CSD 720 Cochlear Implants (2 cr)
CSD 920 Doctoral Dissertation (2 cr)
CSD 729 Audiology Rotation C (3 cr)


CSD 819 / CE 850 Audiology Externship A (5 cr*)
CSD 920 Doctoral Dissertation (1 cr)

4th Year
Fall semester

CSD 829 / CE 850 Audiology Externship B (5 cr*)
CSD 920 Doctoral Dissertation (1 cr)

Spring semester

CSD 829 / CE 850 Audiology Externship B (5 cr*)
CSD 920 Doctoral Dissertation (1 cr)

Total credit hours for completion of the Au.D. program = 107
Total number of credit hours tuition is assessed = 95
* Audiology 4th year externship is a flat fee course. Tuition is assessed only for 1 credit hour per semester.