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JMU Hosts 2011 Roger Ruth Symposium

The Department of CSD at JMU hosted its annual Ruth Symposium 2011 on October 21-22. Two beautiful autumn days in the Shenandoah Valley witnessed the convergence of internationally renowned researchers, hearing healthcare professionals from the area, and audiology doctoral students from JMU, University of Maryland and ETSU in the campus of JMU. Invited external speakers included Dr. Ruth Bentler, University of Iowa, Dr. Lynn Werner, University of Washington, Seattle, Dr. Owen Murnane, East Tennessee State University, and Dr. Don Schum, Vice President of Audiology and Professional Relations, Oticon USA. In addition, JMU faculty members Dr. Ayasakanta Rout, Dr. Christopher Clinard, and Dr. Rory DePaolis presented on their current research.  Doctoral students in Audiology also presented various topics that included Lindsey Parr (Audiologic Rehabilitation), Kristin Shearer (Hearing in Genetically Modified Mice), and Anne Hogan-DePaolis (Bedside evaluation of Dizzy patients).

Prior to the conference, a pre-conference technical update session was held featuring manufacturers from the hearing aid industry. Technical representatives from Oticon USA, Starkey Laboratories, Unitron, Phonak Hearing, Widex, Biocustics, and the Earmold Company were at the conference as exhibitors and presenters at the pre-conference. A reception was hosted to welcome the conference participants and the annual Roger Ruth Memorial Research Grant winners (Kristie Meehan, Verleyne Andrews, Annie Hogan-DePaolis) were announced.

Roger Ruth Memorial Research Grant Winners 2011

PHOTO: Award winners

Verleyne Andrews, Anne Hogan-DePaolis, Kristie Meehan