James Madison University

Master's Degree in Speech-Language Pathology (Residential)

Curriculum Overview (subject to change)

Year One

CSD 544 Evaluation and Treatment of Swallowing Disorders 2 credits
CSD 581 Speech Practicum 2 credits
CSD 604 Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology of Speech and Language 3 credits
CSD 623 Advanced Study of Phonological Disorders 3 credits
CSD 640 Advanced Children's Language Disorders 3 credits


CSD 522 Communication Disorders of the Traumatically Brain Injured 2 credits
CSD 560 Neuromotor Speech Disorders 3 credits
CSD 641 Language Disorders in Adults 3 credits
CSD 656 Voice Disorders 3 credits
CSD 582 Speech Practicum 2 credits
CSD 528 Autism 1 credit
CSD 527 Aging and Communication 1 credit


CSD 583 Speech Practicum (On-campus)
Up to 3 credits hours of coursework.  The course(s)  is/are selected from the existing curriculum

Year Two

CSD 632 Processes and Disorders of Speech Fluency 2 credits
CSD 500 Research Methods 2 credits
CSD 625 Pediatric Dysphagia 1 credit
CSD 530 Early Intervention 1 credit
CSD 529 Augmentative Communication 1 credit
CSD 605 Physiological and Acoustical Phonetics3 credits
CSD 682 Speech Practicum (On-/Off-Campus) 2 credits


CSD 683 Speech Practicum (Off-campus) 2-7 credits

Minimum 44 credits

Course Pre-Requisites

Individuals without background coursework in communication sciences and disorders need to complete the following courses (or equivalents) as prerequisites to undertaking graduate coursework in Speech-Language Pathology. The length of time to complete prerequisite coursework plus the master's coursework is typically three years of full-time study.

Fall Semester

Course Number Course Title and Description Hours
CSD 204 Phonetics
Instruction in various transcription techniques for phonetic and phonemic analysis of speech production.
3 credits
CSD 300 Language Development
The study of language acquisition and development in normal children.
3 credits
CSD 301 Audiology
An introduction to the symptoms, courses and treatment of hearing disorders. Hearing text instrumentation and interpretation in clinical situations are emphasized.
3 credits
CSD 470 Methods and Observation
Directed observation and paticipation in practical expereinces. Intro to the clinical process in speech-language pathology. Practical clinical methodology will be emphasized.
3 credits
CSD 415 Neuroanatomy and Neurogenic Communication Disorders
Introduces neurogenic communication disorders from a neuroanatomical approach.
3 credits

Spring Semester

Course Number Course Title and Description Hours
CSD 208 Anatomy and Physiology of the Ear and Voice Mechanism
A detailed study of the anatomy and physiology of the speech and hearing mechanisms. Majors only or by permission of the instructor.
3 credits
CSD 209 Acoustics of Speech and Hearing
Introductions to acoustics of speech and hearing. Topics include physical acoustics, sound generation, transmission, and resonance, speech acoustics, and speech perception.
3 credits
CSD 310 Biostatistical Methods for Communication Sciences and Disorders
An introduction to research conducted in and applied to the disciplines for speech-language pathology and audiology. Traditional statistical methods in behavioral and social sciences will be included as well as qualitative and quantitative research approaches relevant to individuals and populations with communication disorders.
3 credits
CSD 314 Phonological and Language Disorders
An introduction to phonological and language disorders in children and adults. Etiological and maintaining factors are discussed, and an overview of assessment and (re)habilitation procedures is presented. Prerequisites: CSD 200, CSD 207, and CSD 300
3 credits
CSD 318 Aural Rehabilitation
Concentrated attention is given to communication problems of the hearing handicapped. Aural rehabilitation is emphasized including lip reading and auditory training. Prerequisite: CSD 208.
3 credits
CSD 416 Organic Speech Disorders
Clinical procedures in the areas of oral-facial and voice disorders are studied. Evaluative and remedial aspects are emphasized. Prerequsite: CSD 301.
3 credits

Course List

A complete listing of all core and elective courses is available in the CSD program section of the official JMU Graduate Catalog.